Friday, October 4, 2013

Something to prove.

It's been forever. Honestly, I can't even remember the last time I updated this blog. But I can promise you dear friends, you're going to start seeing alot more of me. I've had a lot of tragedy happen since the last time we talked. Most recently, I discovered that my boyfriend of 7 years had not only been unfaithful with multiple women, but when I confronted him about it...he attacked me. In less than 24 hours, I became single, a victim of domestic abuse, and my world completely upside down.

But I say this not to feel sorry for myself. I've already hit that floor. I say this because, I need to use I feel to really jumpstart my life . As far as my weight goes I'm down 55 lbs. I could be down alot more , but I've gotten comfortable. I was content. But now that my world is shaken up and upside down, I need to channel all this energy I've given to this man to myself. I really think this experience is going to be a turning point for me.

I've deleted all my social media contacts except this blog. I really want to take these next 6 months to focus on me. I'm going to pour everything I have into this blog and my weightloss journey because I want to reemerge as someone new. I have to break all ties, all connects....I have to bury my past. When I resurface, I want to resurface as someone new. My own woman. A healthy, independent woman and look as amazing as I can make myself feel.

That's going to take time, but I swear to you friends, I have to make this happen. I have to do this. The only person I have now is myself and now, I've got something to prove.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fallen off the bandwagon...but back on the horse!

So its been ages... I've stalled and I'm not happy. But, instead of wallowing in my self pity, I'm going to get back on that horse and drop more weight. To date, I'm still sitting at 293 lbs. Granted, about 5lbs of that is "time of the month weight" (sorry boys), but I could be alot better. I have stuck to my goal of never seeing the big 300 again (hallelujah), but its a new year and im committed.