Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back from Vacation..Time to face the scale

Ive been on vacation for 8 days and just made it back home at 1:00am this morning. I'm sad to leave all my friends and family back home but boy does it feel good to be back in my normal routine. Have I stuck to my low carb plan and exercised everyday? Aboslutely not! And you know what...It feels good to have been on vacation from the scale too. I needed a mental break.

However, I'm really proud of myself that I have adopted some major lifestyle changes that I brought along with me on vacation.

1. I did not drink any full sugar soda. I had a diet coke twice since I was there
2. I said no to birthday cake and ice cream. I really dont ever want to overdo it with sugar again. Diabetes runs rampant in my family and I dont want to ever get that disease.
3. I DID NOT OVER EAT. This is probably the most important. I ate 3 square meals a day and a healthy snack and stopped when I was full.

I did gain 2 lbs while I was on vacation which isn't too bad considering I threw my low carb diet out the window and said helllooooo to macaroni salad! Thats the only down side to low carbing. If you suddenly get off the low carb way of life, you can put on weight really quickly if you aren't careful. I might add in that it will be my TOM this week so I'm sure I'll pack on some weight there too.

So to date I'm at 302 lbs. It pains me to type the big 300 again,but I'm confident i'll shake it off and continue on my journey once more.

Today, I'm trying out Piloxing for the first time AND an extra hour of Zumba to try and shake off this water weight. I'm sure it'll kick my ass since I've been on my butt all week long.

'Till Tomorrow

-Loo Loo

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