Monday, March 5, 2012

Carb up up and away!!!!!

After my breakdown on Saturday, I had a really great conversation with my mom who picked me up off the ground. God bless that woman. I'm still dealing with the disappointment of gaining a few pounds but I'm I'm a better place mentally.

That being said my (awesome) job has has sent me and my bosses to las Vegas for a conference. I'm having a ball and unfortunately I'm eating carbs, but it's not my fault.

I don't have a company credit card yet so everything is going on my bosses tab and consequently, we eat wherever she wants to eat or where our business partners want to take us. I've had tortilla chips, Some French fries, orange juice, a bagel, beer, juice and I know I'm going to get thrown out of ketosis no doubt. The conference this morning only had bagels and juice for breakfast and I was starving so I ate one and had juice. They didn't Even have water available. Go figure.

Though I'm stuck eating carbs for a few days, I've been eating in great moderation. I only got halfway through the nachos, I had goat cheese and toast for dinner. My breakfast this morning included two boiled eggs as well along with my juice and bagel. So I'm feeling really good about it. We are staying at the Mandalay and its huge so we do a lot of walking. It's only 9:00 am and we've already had over 1500 steps. After all the meetings today I'm going I make my way to the gym and try to get in at least an hour. I know I should still be in calorie deficit so hopefully these carbs dont creep up and throw me completely off track.

Despite all of the craziness this week, I had a really small win on the airplane. Last time I flew, I was so big that I couldn't fit in the seat. I couldn't even lock myself in the seatbelt and the sides of the seat dug in my sides so bad I had bruises that last for a week. It was terrible. This time I flew, I buckled the seatbelt no problem and am bruise free. Its a small step for weightloss but a giant leap for my confidence.

Till tomorrow

-Loo Loo


  1. Congrats on that victory! I am new to your blog and followed. I wanted to say "hi". I also blog about my weight loss journey.

  2. Thanks Paul! I really appreciate it! Swing by anytime!