Sunday, March 18, 2012

Champagne Showers

I'm slightly hungover. Not as hungover as last time...but still pretty unpleasant this morning. The boo and I (who has dropped almost 20lbs) decided to head out for St. Patrick's day. He drove and I drank. Now, a few hours into the club, he starts drinking and now we're in a situation... How the eff are we going to get home? He decides to drive us anyway (bad bad BAD IDEA) and we drive straight into a checkpoint on the freeway. I just knew we were going to jail, but Jeremy stayed calm presented his id and we made it home. As soon as we were in the clear I smacked him and said "NEVER AGAIN!!!" If you agree to drive, your ass needs to remain sober you could have went to jail!!! Plus, I dont drink and drive. All my friends have ruined their lives with DUI's and I have too much to lose.

On a good note though, I danced my ass off (literally) and was able to shake myself out of my plateau. My weigh in this morning was 296.4 that's about 22 lbs lost overall and the lowest I've seen the scale in years. It was hot as hell in that basement so I was able to sweat shake rattle and roll all night long.

Hopefully, the weight will keep on falling off. I'm ready for the new me!

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