Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Month...New Priorities

I was going to blog again about how sorry I feel for myself that I've plateaued at 20 lbs and then it just hit me...I've lost 20 lbs! This is a big deal. I'm going to start looking at my glass half full (and drink it for my water intake) and realize that my body is changing and despite what Mr. Nasty-Scale shows. Here is a before and after of me in the same dress. I can see a major difference...and today, that's all I'm going to focus on.

More power to me!

-Loo Loo


  1. There is a great difference in your pictures and I am so happy for you!!! That is rockin:-D

    1. Thank you Holly! I needed some motivation in my life..there is no instant gratification in weightloss so this is my prize!