Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can I EAT The Scale Now?

Today I realized that I can no longer get upset with my daily weight fluctuations. I go up and down about a lb or two every day and it discourages me to not see the numbers go down in a steady fashion. I read somewhere the success is not linear- boy is that the truth.

I'll continue to weight myself everyday- frankly because I can't help it. But, I'm only going to stress my Monday weigh ins and call that my true weight. I've got to be doing something right if I've dropped 20 lbs already so I wont give matter what the scale says. I've been keeping track of my calories in calories out via the bodybugg and maintained a 1800 calorie deficit yesterday. My goal is to average about 1500 everyday so hopefully I can lose upwards of 2 lbs a week.

I made some really good choices today. I forgot my lunch so I headed over to the Chinese buffet across the street from my job to have some "low carb" options, but did a little research and learned that everything there is covered in cornstarch. No Bueno! So on my drive I made a little u-turn and found my way to this little greek restaurant and ordered an antipasto salad instead. Low carb, low fat, AND, Low sodium..that's a #win.

I'm in a good place today..I'm able to make better decisions and really get something out of this whole journey. Its's hard...but it's going to work. It HAS to work.

Speaking of work, I inherited this GIGANTIC-A$$ calculator from a former employee. This is as big as my head! Gotta love it!

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