Sunday, February 26, 2012

BOOZE is my best friend and my worst enemy

This groggy Sunday morning, I made my way to the bathroom to test my urine (as I do every morning) and to my absolute horror...I've kicked myself out of Ketosis...shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt.

There's no one to blame , but myself. But before you guys scold me on letting myself go, I still managed to lose .2 lbs on the scale (298.4) because of accurate calorie tracking with the bodybugg system. I do have one point to clarify on my "high" burns...

Point number 1...I could care less if my burn seems too high to you or not...this is my body and I have several tracking items that say the same thing for my workouts. 2. I am aware that my bodyburns calories while I do nothing (I am obtaining a masters degree people I know basic science) I have a bodybugg calorie tracking device that lets you track how many calories you burn during a specific activity as well as how many calories I burned total for the day (and how many calories you burn per minute).  3. I think everyone forgets that I am 6'1 weighing 298.4. lbs.  I burn alot of calories at a higher rate than average people becase I'm 120 lbs overweight, I'm "ginormous", and by golly I shake my ass at Zumba so incredibly hard to hit a minimum of 1000 burned. Furthermore, on Friday I was sick and couldn't give it my all and the bugg told me I only shook off 864 calories at class. Sad.

Here is a screen shot of my bodybugg calorie spreadsheet

You see that gigantic spike in my activity level??? That was me at Zumba..the smaller spikes at the end of the day was when we went to the mall and walked around for an hour! Nice right?

Now back to kicking myself out of wasn't anything I ate it was what I drank. Since I've started the low carb process I have given up most of my drinking. I LOVE margaritas and beer and yesterday succumbed to having a slenderita (margarita made with splenda) and 3 bud lights. On top of this I ate bbq ribs with (I'm assuming) a ton of sugar in the sauce. There were enough carbs in my dinner and "extra" activities to kick me out of Ketosis! Ugh. So now I go back to my all protein diet for the next week to get myself back in fat burning mode. No lettuce, no tomatoes, just meat, eggs, dairy, and a handful of fiber pills.

Not looking forward to this week at all!

-Loo Loo

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