Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'M OUT OF THE 300lbs CLUB! 20 lbs gone FOREVER!

At work...still celebrating...but I need makeup sheesh!
I've never been more excited in my life to report that I've lost 20 lbs! And..I'm even MORE excited to report that I no longer weigh in the 300's. I stepped on the scale this morning (as I do every morning butt-naked) and weighed 298.8 lbs. 

So I hit two goals - my 20 lbs AND to withdraw my membership from the 300 lbs club!


My food log from yesterday was as follows:

Breakfast 2 sausage patties (I may need to shake this up a bit but its so damn convenient)
Lunch 2 left over boiled chicken wings and a couple of slices of  left over honey baked ham
Dinner 1 delicious lambchop with mushrooms and red onions and 2 rounds of ham and cheese ceasar salad!
Snack 2 sugar free popsicles

I want to point out here that I was starvin like marvin (who the hell is marvin anyway and why is he always hungry?) by the time I got home from Zumba. I made two chops and planned on eating them both but could not , I repeat, COULD NOT make it through my second plate! I ate the second helping of salad but I couldn't finish the lamb and put it away.

I don't think I've ever not eaten seconds. Even as I started this diet, I always had a second plate of whatever I was eating because I was hungry and didn't have that full sensation. Last night was the first time ever I had gotten full before my second plate was up.

I'm freaking excited...this is the first step on the long journey ahead....maybe soon I'll be able to actually jog on that journey (bet let me not get ahead of myself)

-Loo Loo the EX 300lber

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