Saturday, February 25, 2012


Soooooo... I stepped on the scale this morning and it said I gained 1lb since yesterday... like wtf..298.8? Ok I knooooo it might be because I had those extra chicken wings last night at like 9:00 but seriously? I know there is water weight and body fluctuations and all that jazz, but I dont want to hear it!

I went to Zumba and according to my bodybugg, I burned 1130 calories while I was there. I better see come freaking results tomorrow or ....ELSE!

BTW, I'm on my way to take 1 out of my 3 required Praxis II exams today. Have I told you yet that I got accepted into the Teach For America program? Probably not. Either way, I've got about 1500 hoops to jump through before it all comes together...including passing these tests.

Test one in T-minus 1 hour. Wish me luck!

-Loo Loo

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  1. Behavior has consequences. I know when I stray I cannot expect good news at the weigh in. When I do those things I have to accept the fact that I have just made it take longer to reach my goals. The 1130 calories sounds high to me. More sunshine from me - the 1130 calories was not your net burn. You would have been burning calories anyway during that hour. I hope I haven't been too depressing :-) Take care.