Monday, February 27, 2012


Despite the bodybugg and my rigorous Zumba exercise plan, I stepped on the scale to see that, again, I've gained another pound. How can this be? I almost cried. 299 lbs? I've been working so hard and these weight fluctuations really take a toll on my motivation. Ive maintained a 2,000 calorie a day what gives?

I did a little research and discovered that I am in-taking too much sodium. I love pork neckbones (which is full of salt) and to season then, I use cajun seasoning (salt on top of salt). In fact, I use large amounts of cajun seasoning to flavor all of my foods and since I am on a low carb, high protein diet...I'm eating alot of meat and holding on to alot of water.

Hmm...after today (I still have half a pot of neckbones that I refuse to let go to waste) I'm going to really cut down on that sodium and take neckbones, pork, and all that extra salt off the menu for a while- at least until  I go home to Califonia next week and then all bets are off! won't go crazy (I hope!)

-Loo Loo

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