Friday, February 24, 2012


 I'm so freakin excited...MY BODYBUGG FINALLY CAME IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY!!! I've been hunting down UPS all day to make sure I didn't miss it when it arrived right before I left for late night Zumba and I got to test it out. Before I get to my reviews let me spill out my stats for the day before I forget.

Current weight: 297.8 lbs  Weight Loss 21lbs. Time Elapsed : 6 weeks 5 days. 

Yea, you read that correctly, I lost another lb since yesterday! I think really that this is just the excess water weight that is finally shaking off from my "happy time" last week where I put on 6lbs!! I pretty much freaked.

So for those of you who don't know what the bodybugg is, essentially it is a device that you wear on your upper left arm that calculates how many calories you burn during the day. It uses all kinds of sensors to measure your activity...and it's pretty darn accurate.

Since I've gotten this thing, it's made me really aware of just how much shit I had been putting into my mouth. For example at Zumba yesterday I had burned 1134 calories (yes it really was that much..I'm a 6'1- 297 lb girl!!) . Total for the day I had burned 3524 calories total. So before working out my body naturally burns about 2390 calories on it's own. How many calories was I eating daily to get to 318 lbs? If the recommended amount was 2,000 calories a day...I must have been eating large quantities of shit ALL OF THE TIME.

I really like the bodybugg because it's an interactive system. Granted, I care more about carbs than calories, but it is important to note that just because I'm on a low carb diet...doesnt mean I can just eat all damn day. The bodybugg has told me where my cut off point is (2300 calories a day) and how many calories I need to burn a day (3500) to keep losing a minimum of 2 pounds a week.'s that simple. No guessing. No Bullshit. I got the digital display watch so I can look in real time at how many calories I'm burning doing my everday activities. I burn ALOT of calories because I'm so overweight right now my body is going into overtime trying to fuel it. Bodybugg told me I burned 864 calories from midnight to 7 am this morning. Yes while I was sleeping and drooling, I burned over 800 calories!

This is such an eye opener for me. I had so many bad habits I needed to get rid of and you know what.. I feel better..I look better..and I can't wait to keep this thing going. BODYBUGG IS AWESOME!

-Loo Loo

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