Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TURBOKICK'ed my ass!

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Last week, I had been stuck at this 13 lbs plateau that I couldn't shake for anything. I was so discouraged that I vowed never to get stuck again. I needed to shake up my workouts. Currently, I'm doing Zumba 5 times a week. I absolutely love it, but my body is starting to get used to the choreography so I need to incorporate another fitness routine into my week.

ALAS, I find out about TURBOKICK. Its another class offered by my studio at a separate (and further) location ...grr..... Anywhoo, I looked it up on YouTube and essentially Turbokick is a cardio exercise that mimics kickboxing and mixed martial arts into a fun routine. And of's to some good music!

I went to class and the first thing I noticed was a WAY smaller class size than my Zumba classes. I guess Turbokick isnt as popular as Zumba...yet. As we got on our way, I realized that my instructor kept looking down at a piece of paper. Apparently, TurboKick is already pre-choreographed. The instructor doesn't make the routine using different moves like Zumba. Turbokick is already pre set and ready to go. I'm not sure if I really like that or not. With Zumba, choreography can be different all the time depending on the instructor. With's the same damn thing until the producers make a new "round" every 2 - 3 months. But, hey...whatever works right?

I'd suggest for any woman with big hoo-has- you double-triple-or quadruple up on your sports bras. The girls get to bouncing pretty hard as there is alot of jumping involved. I'm going to have to buy a size smaller in sports bras to minimize all the movement.

As a bigger girl, I felt I could keep up. I wasn't intimidated at all and I broke a sweat. There is alot of cross punching which is great for the abs and obliques which is JUST what I need. These love handles are the biggest issue I face so I'm excited to see if Turbokick can kick these babies down a couple of notches.

It is a higher pace class than I'm used to BUT there are designated water breaks which really helped me recuperate and get back in the game faster.

All in all I give Turbokick a B+. I'm going to keep going 1 day a week and see what results I get. I'll take ever pound of weight loss I can get!

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