Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eating More....And Weighing Less

Someone told me that I should not be weighing myself everyday- ok, everyone has been telling me that. But, I feel as though, weighing myself everyday keeps me accountable. It helps me stay on track because I know in the morning, I'll have to face the music (or numbers lol) for the decisions I made the day before. It helps enforce this drastic lifestyle change on a day by day basis. Ok yes, I'm becoming slightly obsessed, but there are way worse things to be obsessed with than getting healthy. So, I'll take that =).

Anywhoo, if you've been following me you know to date I've had a massive 2 lbs fluctuation in my weight accumulating over the last two days and I couldn't figure out why! This has happened to me before and it was frustrating as hell. I ventured over to the bodybugg website and posed the question- how could I possibly be gaining weight with over a 2,000 calorie deficit? All the replies said the same thing- I wasn't eating enough.

WHAT? This is going against my religion. How is eating more going to help me lose weight? The main reason is that by eating more throughout the day it keeps my metabolism running and therefore burning more calories. Also, I need to have calories to burn calories. If I'm not eating enough-my body goes into starvation mode and holds onto every ounce of food I put in my mouth. This factor and the I-eat-too-much-salt-and-pork epiphany I had lead me to avoid the extra salt yesterday (though I did have leftover necknbones 'doh) and increased my calorie intake by about 1000 calories. That sounds worse than it really is because I'm on a low carb diet anyway and it's easy for me to warm up a couple more sausage, some cheese sticks, and a piece of chicken and voila'! 1000 calories. Wouldn't you know that this morning I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 297.6 lbs? 

That's 2 lbs of water weight gone and .2 lbs of fat melted away overnight!

I was pleasantly surprised. I think I'll try to keep my calorie deficit for the day at about 1300 regardless if I work out or not. This journey is tough man. But, I know who I am and what I want to be...so I'll push through the fire...I'm 1 tough bee-yatch!

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